The Definitive Reason as to Why You Should #ShopLocal

When you spend money at Pizza Nola- we take that money, and we pay our employees (many of whom live in 70124), we buy ingredients, and we pay rent, bills, and other things we need to keep the restaurant open.


So, what happens when there’s money leftover after paying the bills?

We’ll buy gas from Mr. Ray at Fleur De Lis Car Care.

We’ll buy groceries at Lakeview Grocery.

We’ll get our drycleaning at Golden Cleaners.

We’ll wash our dog at Muddy Mutt’s.

We’ll buy holiday gifts at Little Miss Muffin or from local vendors at the Harrison Avenue Market.

We’ll get coffee and a treat at Nola Beans.

We’ll get a haircut from our building-mates at Pure.

We’ll get our daughter’s school shoes at the Sneaker Shop on Harrison.

We’ll eat at the new Ming’s restaurant, or Jaeger Burger, or Koz’s, or any of the other fine Lakeview eateries.

Obviously, there are a lot of other Lakeview businesses, and the Lakeview Civic Organization has a list of participating businesses in the Shop Lakeview First promotion. But what it comes down to is this:

Spending money in Lakeview keeps money directly in Lakeview.

What do you think happens to money spent at Pizza Hut? Papa Johns?



Happy Holidays!


Jennifer and Will Samuels

Pizza Nola