King Cakes from DONG PHUONG bakery return 1/6/16!

Last year, we began offering king cakes from Dong Phuong bakery and the response was incredible. So many customers told us "this is the best king cake I've ever had," and we agree.

We're delighted to continue our partnership with Dong Phuong in 2016. Located in New Orleans East, Dong Phuong has been serving the community for over 30 years, and many area restaurants serve their French bread and pastries. Their King Cakes are out of this world. They're made with a light, flaky rich pastry dough with a scalloped outer edge and topped with a yummy cream cheese icing (instead of the powdered-sugar based frosting which is glopped on to most other area cakes). Pizza Nola is one of the very few places in the city (aside from making the trek to New Orleans East) where you can get a Dong Phuong King Cake.

In's 2014 survey of area King Cakes, Judy Walker called Dong Phuong’s king cake “one of the most unusual, and delicious, of all the cakes we tasted.” Read about how the unique way Dong Phuong's King Cakes are made.

Dong Phuong King Cakes will be available daily throughout Carnival. They come in one size and in Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, Blueberry or Strawberry flavors. Call us at 504-872-0731 to reserve your favorite (48-hour notice preferred) as we will run out! We'll also deliver King Cakes throughout our regular delivery area. The cost is $18 for the Cinnamon cake, and $20 for Cream Cheese, Blueberry, or Strawberry.

A limited number of cakes will be available on Monday, January 4, for shipping via two-day air so that they will be received on King's Day.

If you've never had Dong Phuong King Cake, you are missing out on a truly incredible experience. Try one for yourself next Carnival!


Photo by Andrew Boyd/ / The Times-Picayune