A Montage of Memories from our First Five Years


It's our Fifth Birthday! Pizza Nola's official Opening Day was October 8, 2010, and we are thrilled and thankful to have made it through our first five years. Since our opening, it's been a myriad of great food, movie nights, fun events, tasty breakfasts, refreshing gelato, social media shenanigans, and Sharknado celebrations. Want to know what's in the above picture? Here's a primer so you'll be in the loop:

Top Row L-R:

  • We were hoping to get on TV with our ESPN Saints sign. (We didn't.)
  • Friends from The Basin bar across the street help us celebrate at one of our Sharknado parties.
  • Sharknado star Cassie Scerbo shows us some Twitter love.
  • Our Sweet Potato Pie gelato with candy corn and pumpkin marshmallows.
  • In one of our finest hours in social media, Merle Haggard's son shows some love.
  • Our "Toxic Soup" gelato, part of our Katrina Anniversary Resilience Collection.
  • Our Kitchen Manager Lenny looks out over his creations.
  • The staff photo from this year's Sharknado party.

Second Row L-R:

  • "Party Shark" goes before our Sharknado costume contest judges.
  • The amazing Dong Phuong King Cake (which returns 1/6/16!)
  • Stars of the SyFy movie Ghost Shark at our movie premiere event.
  • The "Heckuva Job, Brownie" gelato flavor from the Resilience Collection.
  • Our breakfast buffet for One Republic and Matchbox Twenty at the Super Bowl.
  • Sharks flying on our majestic gelato flag.
  • Our apprentice hard at work in her office.
  • The "Surviving the Sharknado" panelists at our Sharknado 2 event.
  • Earthquake Anchor learns about our Duck Hash.

Third Row L-R:

  • Our apprentice takes a snooze during Restaurant Depot shopping.
  • Lenny and Jake battle it out at the World Cup.
  • Our apprentice works on a pizza.
  • Our birthday cake. We like cake.
  • A yummy slice of Dong Phuong King Cake.
  • Owner Will Samuels during the Sharknado 2 event.
  • Our Sharknado Costume Contest winner.
  • A sampling of our house-made gelato.

Fourth Row L-R:

  • Dave Walker previews the new Fall TV season before our NCIS:New Orleans premiere party.
  • It's always exciting when the "Pizza Nola Night at the Movies" video appears.
  • Our Sharknado costume contest judges with the victors.
  • The NOLA skywriter during Jazz Fest revealed his true intentions (no, he didn't).
  • WWL-TV coverage of our NCIS:New Orleans premiere.
  • USA Today's blurb about our Sharknado 3 party.

Fifth Row L-R:

  • My "cameo" appearance photobombing Top Chef New Orleans
  • The crowd during our Arachnoquake event- the first time we did a movie party
  • A band entertains the crowd during a birthday party.
  • The "Meeting of the Courts" of Sharknado and Left Shark during Mardi Gras.

Bottom Row L-R:

  • WDSU-TV anchor Scott Walker is attacked by the "Party Shark."
  • BawkNola's amazing Duck Hash.
  • Our "Sharknado" gelato flavor "Chum" with Red Velvet Cake, Swedish fish and gummy worms.
  • Plastic sharks dominate our Sharknado party preparation area.
  • One of the more colorful slices of pizza that we've baked.
  • Our staff picture from our Ghost Shark party a couple of years ago. Several folks in that picture are still with us today.

Thanks to all who have played a role in our first five years- employees, customers, party-goers, social media friends, and everybody else who has helped make some great memories. We look forward to what's coming next!

Will Samuels

Pizza Nola